Invited speakers

  • Jesús Campos (IIQ - CSIC - Universidad de Sevilla): "Bimetallic Frustrated Lewis Pairs and Related Systems".


  • Aleix Comas-Vives (TU Wien - Institute of Materials Chemistry - Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona): "Si-Si Hydrogenolysis and C-C Coupling Rationalized by Theory".


  • Ernesto de Jesús (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid): "Exploring the Chemistry of Palladium(I) Stable Radicals".


  • Montserrat Gómez (Université Paul Sabatier – Toulouse): "Metal-based nanoparticles immobilized on unusual phases: a catalytic survey".


  • Pablo González (Universidad de Murcia): "Light-Induced Reactions of Cyclometalated Pt(II) and Pt(IV) Complexes".


  • Antonio Martínez (CIQSO – Universidad de Huelva): "Bimetallic chemistry featuring low-valent group 13 metals".


  • José A. Mata (Unversidad Jaume I – Castellón): "Metal Catalysed Transformations at the Surface of Graphene Materials".


  • Miguel Monge (Universidad de La Rioja): "Exploiting the reactivity of organometallic complexes towards the tailored design of plasmonic hybrid nanostructures".


  • M. Carmen Nicasio (Universidad de Sevilla): "Low-coordinate Ni(0) complexes and applications in catalytic C-C bond formation".


  • Xavi Ribas (Universidad de Girona): "Supramolecular masks for the regioselective functionalization of fullerenes".